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How to Handle a Parking Lot Accident

Parking lots are considered one of the most dangerous places to drive for a reason. With limited visibility, crowded spaces, and mediocre signage, parking lots are hot spots for fender benders on a daily basis. When an accident happens in a parking lot, there are typically three characters who have an important role to play […]

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How Non-US Citizens Get Life Insurance

Selecting a life insurance policy is an important step for planning ahead and taking care of the financial well-being of your family. But can you still get coverage if you aren’t a US citizen? In most cases, yes. There are very few instances where your citizenship status disqualifies you from coverage. The circumstances of your […]

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Trench Safety Stand-Down June 17 – 21

Please visit for important information about Trench Safety Stand-Down June 17 – 21. What’s a Stand-Down?  With your employees/crews during June 17 – 21, hold a toolbox talk or safety activity to draw attention to the hazards of working in and around trenches/excavations. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the U.S. fatality rate for […]

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