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Vacation Home

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What Is Vacation Home Insurance?

Whether it’s in the mountains, on the beach, or somewhere in between, having a vacation home can be a wonderful experience. However, because you are not always there to watch over it, having a vacation home presents more risks than standard homeownership.

What It Covers

Vacation home insurance is designed to guard against common risks and may provide comprehensive property coverage or more limited coverage for “named perils” such as fire, explosion, theft, or lightning damage. As with homeowners insurance, flood and earthquake damage are typically not covered by vacation home insurance, and you may want to consider adding these additional coverages. If you also rent out your vacation home to visitors, you may want a policy that offers liability coverage regarding these guests.

Why You Should Have Vacation Home Insurance

You want your retreat to free you from worry – not cause you worry. Having vacation home insurance can set your mind at ease and allow you to spend the time away from your second home knowing you have something in place in case the unexpected occurs.

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