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Our clients come first.

We efficiently manage the risks, assets, and compliance so our clients can focus on the most important aspects of managing their business. IGA is a privately-owned and customer-oriented organization. We have the resources, real world business expertise and knowledge to compete with both national brokers and local boutique agencies.

Insurance Group of America is known for its flexibility, responsiveness and advisory services to clients. We bring personality and transparency back to the insurance industry as we help our clients make sense of their choices, navigate their options with ease, and develop plans to support them now and protect them in the future.

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Jamie Noe, Founder/CEO

Jamie Noe is the founder and CEO of Insurance Group of America. He graduated from Western Kentucky University with his Bachelor’s Degree. Before starting IGA, Jamie spent 11 years with both regional and national insurance agencies. His bold energy and passion radiates through his work when providing the best care for his clients. His deep industry knowledge, friendly demeanor and ability to efficiently manage risk is instrumental in helping customers successfully manage their risk.

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