Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability Insurance

Protect your business from pollution-related losses.

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What Is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Pollution liability insurance is for businesses that produce or release hazardous waste materials during operations. This coverage is designed to protect your company against liability from damage claims related to pollution of property or harm to individuals.


What Is Covered

    A pollution liability policy is designed to cover third party claims of property damage and bodily injury related to contamination from a business operation’s hazardous waste. Coverage can even extend to past operations and protect your company from liability concerns that arise after a job is completed. In addition to covering liability claims for pollution-related damage or injuries, this policy may also manage the cost of an environmental clean-up operation.

Why Choose Pollution Liability Coverage

Some jobs, especially those for independent contractors, may require your business to have pollution liability insurance before you’re allowed to begin operations. Even if it is not required for your line of work, the additional protection that a pollution liability policy offers can be the difference between bankruptcy and continuing operations.Get more information on pollution liability insurance.