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How Non-US Citizens Get Life Insurance

Selecting a life insurance policy is an important step for planning ahead and taking care of the financial well-being of your family. But can you still get coverage if you aren’t a US citizen? In most cases, yes. There are very few instances where your citizenship status disqualifies you from coverage. The circumstances of your […]

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Trench Safety Stand-Down June 17 – 21

Please visit for important information about Trench Safety Stand-Down June 17 – 21. What’s a Stand-Down?  With your employees/crews during June 17 – 21, hold a toolbox talk or safety activity to draw attention to the hazards of working in and around trenches/excavations. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the U.S. fatality rate for […]

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5 Surprising Household Hazards

We know you do everything you can to keep your house safe, especially if you have small children or adventurous pets. You’ve tied up the drawstrings on your blinds, placed non-slip grips on the shower floor, secured your cleaning liquids in an upper cabinet, and changed the batteries in the smoke detector, so everything checks […]

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